Terms and Conditions:

· All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars

· Subject to credit approval, standard payment terms are net thirty (30) days.

· Payment via Wire, EFT, Visa, MC and American Express are also accepted prior to shipment in lieu of credit terms.

· Quote does not include applicable sales tax which will be charged at time of invoice unless appropriate resale certificates are provided.

· Freight is FOB origin. CUSTOMER takes possession of product upon shipment and is responsible for items lost or damaged during shipment. Freight carrier insurance is highly recommended,

particularly for orders over $100. Please notify us at the time you place your order if you wish to purchase insurance.

· All orders will ship via UPS ground unless you request FEDEX and provide your own shipping account. Shipping via FEDEX may cause a slight delay since we don’t have a scheduled pickup.

If you require expedited shipping, please notify us when you place your order.

· Unless specified within this proposal, charges for training and installation or any other services are not included.

· Changes to shipping address or canceled shipments after the order has been prepared for shipment will be subject to additional fees.

· Returned items are subject to a restocking fee equal to 25% of the total purchase and must be pre-approved by POSDATA Group. All software and key loads are non-refundable.

An RMA number issued prior to shipping back to POSDATA Group. Approved items must be returned with applicable accessories in unused condition in original packaging within

within thirty (30) days from receipt of product. POSDATA Group Inc. reserves the right to refuse returns if the equipment is damaged, non working condition or unacceptable condition.

· POSDATA will not be responsible for accessories sent in with units coming in for repair or other services.

· If your request is for a RA and POSDATA is unable to load a device sent to us, either with software or key or both, due to no fault by POSDATA, then customer agrees to pay the price

outlined in the quote above for cover the handling and attempts to load the software and/or key.

· Average turnaround time is 3-7 business days from order entry date for in stock inventory.

· Warranty – Products sold by POSDATA Group will be warranted according to standard product manufacturer’s warranty terms. Services provided by POSDATA Group will be warranted

for 30 days from the date of receipt by the customer.

· Limitation of Liability – POSDATA Group shall not, under any circumstances nor for any reason whatsoever, be liable to you or any other party for lost profits, diminution of good will,

or any other indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever with respect to any claim made against it.

· Indemnity – Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless POSDATA Group, its successors, assigns, affiliates, agents and contractors, and the officers, directors and employees

of each of them from and against any damage, loss, claim, judgment or other liability or expense (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees) which may in any way arise

out of any act or omission in connection with this purchase and, except the extent caused by POSDATA Group, the purchase, resale or use of products by you or your successors, assigns,

affiliates, agents and contractors, or the officers, directors or employees of any of them. POSDATA Group, Inc. reserves the right without being required to do so, and without waiver of

any indemnity hereunder, to defend any claim, action or lawsuit coming within the scope of the indemnity provision.

· Minimum order quantities and fees may apply.

· Price quote is valid for sixty (60) days from date of quote.

· Minimum order value is $35

· If signature delivery is required, please add $ 5.00 for each order to cover "Signature Required" delivery.